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QTracer Quality Improvement System

allows healthcare organizations to streamline processes, reduce costs, and improve performance, all while staying within the bounds of quality standards and patient safety concerns

How QTracer can help you

Quality Insight

Measuring quality and safety of care in practice is increasingly important for driving compliance against recognized standards. Conducting Q-Tracers result in improving insights through real-life performance measurements and identifying safety risks & good practices.

Continuous Improvement

QTracer enables health leaders and frontline workers  to effective improve quality and safety by using timely  and action-oriented compliance data and information on where to focus quality improvement initiatives and monitor progress to meet goals.

Quality Improvement Culture

Working with QTracer help empower people to engage in quality improvement and in the transformation to a proactive patient safety culture through collaborative measurement of performance, dialogues for learning and transparant feedback.


Our hospital achieved within two years at one time the JCI accreditation with the new academic accreditation standards, where only 5% of all hospitals succeed in the world. Thanks to our QTracer app and dashboard with continuous quality measurements. Since we use the tool we save around 50% of our time on reporting.


Robert van Barneveld – Manager Care – University Medical Center Utrecht

Download Case Study

The QTracer app has been tested on several wards on the usability to perform so-called quality rounds. The process in the pilot fits in well with the vision of UMCG to use quality rounds accurately and efficiently as a means for continuous and measurable improvement of quality and safety of care.


Emmy Hoevelaken – Projectleader Quality-app – University Medical Center Groningen

High performances

QTracer is an Added Value Partner, with a core strategy focus on delivering software en services to successfully deploy accreditation and compliance technology.

Industry leader

We have a unique state-of-the-art technology platform that is designed to be easy-to-use and impactful in the continual improvement of compliance and good practices.

Delivers on time

A dedicated and passionate group of experienced professionals who together guarantee the realization of software-enabled solutions in the field of compliance and quality & safety management.