Optimizing Quality and Safety of Care

- by motivating people to act and improve compliance!

QTracer is a tablet-based internal audit and feedback solution based on the tracing approach of world-class accreditation bodies like Joint Commission International and Accreditation Canada International.

QTracer technology solution enables healthcare organizations to achieve and maintain world-class accreditation and regulatory standards in a cost-effective way that reflects on the organizational bottom line  by supporting a bottom-up leadership approach that allows your employees at all levels to easily measure, learn and evaluate performance in a collaborative way and guiding continuous improvement.

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Ensuring legal and good practices methods in quality and safety processes in a multiple standards landscape is a real challenge. QTracer supports multiple standards framework and quick reporting to meet compliance in a cost-effective way.

Quality insight

Increasingly important is the continuous detection of the effectiveness of your quality and safety controls. Carrying out tracers results in improving insights through performance measurements and identifying safety risks & good practices.

Continuous Improvement

QTracer enables health professionals to effective improve quality and safety by using timely and action-oriented compliance data and information feedback on where to focus quality improvement initiatives.

Safety Culture

Working with QTracer help empower people to engage in quality improvement and in the transformation to a proactive patient safety culture through co-operative measuring performance, dialogue and knowledge sharing & learning.

Maintaining and Improving Standards Compliance

Do you know how much effort and time you spend on

  • Preparing themes for measurement, assessment and evaluation
  • Scoring non-compliance and processing gaps and potential risk points
  • Determining if your criteria/measurable elements and standard goals are met
  • Reporting your evaluation findings
  • Sharing actionable feedback for proactive improvement
  • Providing insight into compliance progress

QTracer’s compliance and accreditation management solution

organizations you manage and run them through your processes

tracers with QTracer are a great way to discover what is going well

and data management come together in a powerful system

lets you “track and trace” all standardization programs, people and

as they work to meet the standards you’ve set. Carrying out

and not so well, and what needs to improve. Data collection

that’s purpose-built for accreditation and improvement progress.

What others say about QTracer

Our hospital achieved within two years at one time the JCI accreditation with the new academic accreditation standards, where only 5% of all hospitals succeed in the world. Thanks to our QTracer app and dashboard with continuous quality measurements. Since we use the tool we save around 50% of our time on reporting.

Robert van BarneveldManager Care – University Medical Center Utrecht – The Netherlands                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

The QTracer app has been tested on several wards on the usability to perform so-called quality rounds. The process in the pilot fits in well with the vision of UMCG to use quality rounds accurately and efficiently as a means for continuous and measurable improvement of quality and safety of care.

Emmy HoevelakenProjectleader Quality-app – University Medical Center Groningen – The Netherlands

These users trusted QTracer

1,300-bed university hospital in The Netherlands

573-bed university hospital in Belgium

1,042-bed university hospital in The Netherlands

543-bed top general hospital in Belgium

46-ambulance Regional Ambulance Service in The Netherlands

530-bed top general hospital in Belgium