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Care Quality

QTracer software application comes standard with a set of powerful platforms features to simplify the management of your data and processes. 

QTracer compliance and accreditation management solution, lets you “track and trace” all standardization programs, people and organizations you manage and run them through your processes as they work to meet the standards you’ve set.

Data collection and data management come together in a powerful system that’s purpose-built for accreditation and improvement progress.

Create a theme – perform a tracer – report and share results – monitor performance


The first step is to create your personal dashboard and build your own standards structure framework.

The software allows to manage multiple dashboards and standards frameworks, and perform various types of tracers and audits. Dashboards can be created for departments, audit types, quality labels, standards. There are almost no restrictions.

The substantive content of the tracer process and measurement, can be based on the standards three level structure and qualification scores of WHO, and the tracer methodology of that used in accreditation institute accredited by ISQua.


Conduct tracers easily and with full confidence with the user-friendly app.

Start with opening a dashboard and selecting a standard theme or question set to conduct your tracer. The app guides you logically trough all phases of the tracer process. 

Easily add photos and comments when auditing – to be in control – which are directly related with the issues. You will be able to preview a resume and to evaluate your tracer findings. After closing your tracer a complete report is automatically saved with one click.

With a selff-assessment the results can be send to a chosen email address.


Evaluate and share your findings

Tracer results and reports are accessible, everywhere and at all time in your QTracer Dashboard.

Monitor performance with predefined graphs.

You can filter your tracer or audit results with the drop down menu and export the data into an Excel format for additional analysis.