An Easy to Use Tracer System

- your management and staff will love using!

QTracer’s compliance and accreditation management solution lets you “track and trace” all standardization programs, people and organizations you manage and run them through your processes as they work to meet the standards you’ve set. Carrying out tracers with QTracer are a great way to discover what is going well and not so well, and what needs to improve. Data collection and data management come together in a powerful system that’s purpose-built for accreditation and improvement progress.

QTracer enables healthcare organizations in a 3 steps cost-effective way to

  • conduct on-going individual & system tracers
  • measure accreditation and national standards compliance
  • detect gaps or potential risk points that could effect the safety and quality of patient care
  • support collaborative learning in the workplace
  • share real-time information for proactive improvement of quality and safety of care

Step 1   Create your Tracer Theme

QTracer makes it easy to create Tracer Themes with accreditation and national standards in password-protected environments at all levels within the enterprise; for individual users, groups, departments, et cetera.

In each environment you can manage multiple standards and accreditation programs and question sets and also various types of “internal audits”, which you can turn on/off to appear on the App.

The substantive content of the tracer process and measurement, can be based on the standards three level structure and qualification scores of WHO, and the tracer methodology of that used in accreditation institute accredited by ISQua.

Step 2   Carry Out your Tracer

Start with opening your environment and selecting a Tracer Theme to conduct your tracer.

Conduct your tracers easily and with full confidence with the user-friendly app in an intuitive way. The app guides you logically trough all phases of the tracer process.

Easily add photos and comments when “tracing” – to be in control – which are directly related with the issues. You will be able to preview a resume and to report your evaluation findings. After closing your tracer a complete report is automatically saved with one click.

With a “self-assessment” the results can be send to a chosen email address.

Step 3   Share your Actionable Evaluation Findings

The system provides immediate feedback to the frontline staff, a critical component of demonstrating a commitment to safety and quality improvement.

Tracer results and reports are accessible, everywhere and at all time in your QTracer Dashboard. The Dashboard lets you easily analyze and visualize data sets to monitor and evaluate your progress.

You can filter your Tracer results with the drop down menu and export the data into a CSV format for additional analysis.

QTracer is available in a multi-site version. Available languages: English, Dutch, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese.

Why QTracer?

As our top priority, customer feedback drives all system enhancements, feature releases and ultimately determine our success

Catalyst for quality improvement

The QTracer platform has a fresh and modern look, making it more attractive to conduct tracers (quality audits) and self-evaluations: collecting compliance and improvement data is becoming more fun and effective. This will enhance the commitment of employees to work together and become more engaged for quality improvement.

The dashboard encourages managers and caregivers to put improvements in motion there where the care can be better. QTracer acts in this way as a catalyst for collaboration and continuous improvement.