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A well-thought-out QTracer System process

Core Features

Organization and Process Management

  • Task Assignment: Easily assign tasks to employees for application management, administration and contribution to tracers.
  • Language Options: Activating languages for Application Manager and App. (Dutch, English, French, German, Portuguese and Spanish).
  • Accreditation Program Management: Track and trace multiple accreditation programs for multiple departments individually or for the organization.
  • Tracer Processing Options: Processing tracer results by email recipient or with dashboard result sharing.
  • Structure & Relationships: Each organization can be broken down into multiple divisions and departments. Each Standard accreditation program can be broken down in chapters, subchapters and measurable elements.

Performing a Tracer

  • Offline Access: Download a tracer theme and go on without Internet access. Offline tracers can be performed right in your browser; no other software required.
  • Starting a Tracer: Intuitive selection process and start tracer in a few seconds.
  • Entering Scores: Easy and quick scoring with touch buttons.
  • Add Notes Options:  Comments linked to the score and notes related to the tracer in separate text boxes
  • Add Pictures Options: Make and upload multiple photos related to the score.
  • Teaching and Learning: Show instruction sheets and videos to teach and learn.
  • Save Tracer Result Scores: Tracer scores can be related to divisions, departments and specialism.
  • Timesaving Reporting: Creating an evaluation report following the tracer summary, which is automatically saved.

Library standards

  • Accreditation Program Ownership: Manage multiple accreditation programs in password-protected environment.
  • Standards Catalogs: Create an unlimited number of custom standards sets, including multiple hierarchies of chapters and subchapters.
  • Standards Integrity: Update standards without disrupting active tracers.

Library question Sets

  • Standards Question Sets: Create and manage an unlimited number of question sets (tracer themes) and activate for the app.
  • Add chapters to Question Sets: Add chapters and question sets quick and easy by directly retrieving from the standards.
  • Audit and Assessment Integration: Questions can be selected from multiple standards to perform in the same tracer.
  • Mandatory Questions: Set questions as mandatory.

Configuration questions

  • Question Options: create normal, yes/no, open and tally questions, with preset calculation formula that will determine your final numerical score.
  • Integration with Standards: Each question is related to a specific standards element.
  • Score Guidance: Measurable elements/questions can be supplemented with additional information in a separate description text field for deep questions and answers.
  • Teaching Guidance: Add instruction and videos for teaching and learning.
  • Standards Guidance: Measurable elements/questions can be supported with standard content and shown in the App.

Direct Results in a Dashboard

  • Direct Feedback: Tracers are sent to the database the moment they are completed and are immediately available online. Immediate feedback to the frontline staff is a critical component of demonstrating a commitment to safety and quality improvement.
  • Data Sharing: Share and analyze tracer results (scores and reports) and compare different areas,  divisions or specialisms within the same organization.
  • Dashboard Color-coded Scores: Set colors for clear visualization at discriminating scores.
  • Progress Monitoring: Monitor conformance and improvement progress on standards and organizational levels and discover trends over selected periods.
  • Save and print options: Tracer report can be saved as PDF or printed.


  • Easy Administration: Equipped with WYSIWYG editors and drag and drop functionalities.
  • Set Up of “Tracer Themes”: Easy roll out tracer themes by using on/off activation buttons.
  • Export and Import Accreditation Program Standards: Easy import and export tracer accreditation program standards.
  • Data Export: Export tracer data from CSV to Excel.
  • Past Results: Old tracer reports stay available indefinitely.



  • Initial user license: Includes updates for 12 months.
  • Subscription for service and maintenance  Includes updates for the duration of the subscription.


  • On-Site: QTracer can be installed on-premise.
  • Hosted: QTracer can be hosted and delivered as a service with all the same customization possibilities including mobile capabilities and powerful dashboard results sharing.

Product Training

  • On location
  • Online

Customer Support

  • Email: Email support is available 24/7.
  • Phone: Phone support is available during regular business hours.
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