An easy-to-use modern and attractive tracer tool that

your management and staff will love using!

QTracer’s compliance and accreditation management solution lets you “track and trace” all standardization programs, people and organizations you manage and run them through your processes as they work to meet the standards you’ve set. Data collection and data management come together in a powerful system that’s purpose-built for accreditation and improvement progress.

An easy-to-use modern and attractive tracer tool that your management and staff will love using!

Core Features

Organization and Process Management

  • Task Assignment: Easily assign tasks by authorization to employees for application management, administration and contribution to tracers.
  • Language Options: Select and activate languages for Application Manager and App. (Dutch, English, French, German, Portuguese and Spanish).
  • Accreditation Program Management: If you have multiple accreditation programs, track each one individually for an organization.
  • Tracer Processing Options: Processing tracer results by email recipient or extensive database storage with dashboard result sharing.
  • Structure & Relationships: Each organization can be broken down into multiple divisions and departments. Each Standard accreditation program can be broken down in chapters, subchapters and measurable elements.

Performing a Tracer

  • Offline Access: Download a “tracer form” that can be completed without Internet access. Offline tracers can be performed right in your browser; no other software required.
  • Starting a Tracer: Intuitive selecting process to start your tracer in a few seconds.
  • Entering Scores: Enter scores easy and quick with touch buttons.
  • Add Notes Options: You can add notes linked to the score and notes related to the tracer in a separate accompanying text area.
  • Add Pictures Options: Make multiple photos or upload pictures linked to the score.
  • Teaching and Learning: Show instruction sheets and videos to support teaching and learning.
  • Save Tracer Result Scores: Tracer results scores can be related to divisions, departments and specialism.
  • Timesaving Reporting: Save hours of work by creating an evaluation report following the tracer summary, which is automatically saved.

Standards Library

  • Accreditation Program Ownership: Manage multiple accreditation programs in password-protected environments.
  • Standards Catalogs: Create an unlimited number of custom standards sets, including multiple hierarchies of chapters and subchapters.
  • Standards Integrity: Update standards without disrupting active tracers.

Question Sets Library

  • Standards Question Sets: Create and manage an unlimited number of standards question sets (tracer themes) that can be activated in the app.
  • Add chapters to Question Sets: Integrate chapters to question sets quick and easy by directly adopting from the standards.
  • Audit and Assessment Integration: Questions can be selected from multiple standards to perform in the same tracer.
  • Mandatory Questions: Set questions as mandatory.

Question Configuration

  • Question Options: create normal, yes/no, open and tally questions, with preset calculation formula that will determine your final numerical score.
  • Integration with Standards: Each question is related to a specific standards element.
  • Score Guidance: Measurable elements/questions can be supplemented with additional information in a separate description text field for deep questions and answers.
  • Teaching Guidance: Insert links to instruction sheets and videos for teaching and learning.
  • Standards Guidance: Measurable elements/questions can be guided with standard content that can be shown in the App in a popup window.

Direct Results in a Dashboard

  • Direct Feedback: Tracers are sent to the database the moment they are completed and are immediately available online. Immediate feedback to the frontline staff is a critical component of demonstrating a commitment to safety and quality improvement.
  • Data Sharing: Share and analyze tracer results (scores and reports) and compare different areas,  divisions or specialisms within the same organization.
  • Dashboard Color-coded Scores: Set colors for clear visualization at discriminating scores.
  • Progress Monitoring: Monitor compliance and improvement progress on standards and underlying layers, and organizational levels and discover trends over selected periods.
  • Save and print options: Tracer details report can be saved as PDF or printed.


  • Easy Administration: Equipped with WYSIWYG editors and draggable sorting functionality.
  • Set Up of “Tracer Themes”: Easy roll out from “tracer theme” question set creation to work floor tracing by using on/off activation buttons.
  • Export and Import Accreditation Program Standards: Deploy JSON to import and export tracer accreditation program standards.
  • Data Export: Export filtered tracer data from CSV to Excel.
  • Data Integrity: Active versioning inside forms keeps old results relevant, even if the scoring form is edited.
  • Past Results: Old tracer reports stay available indefinitely.



  • Perpetual: Includes updates for 12 months.
  • Subscription: Includes updates for the duration of the subscription.


  • On-Site: QTracer can be installed on-premise.
  • Hosted: QTracer can be hosted and delivered as a service with all the same customization possibilities including mobile capabilities and powerful dashboard results sharing.

Product Training

  • On-Site
  • Remote

Customer Support

  • Email: Email support is available 24/7.
  • Phone: Phone support is available during regular business hours.